The busy season for digger is right around the corner. After a long period of downtime, A comprehensive overhaul for Komatsu excavator parts before startup is particularly critical. As responsible Komatsu Excavator operators, we should make a complete pre-start machine check plan for the following construction work.just like a famous quote goes-“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Step 1. Inspect Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts before Startup

Hydraulic Parts

Look for whether the excavator hydraulic oil level is in the middle of the h-l level. In addition, inspect the Komatsu main hydraulic pump for leaks. Observe the oil mass and oil quality of the rotary reducer.

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The first thing is to inspect the Komatsu Excavator surface for the obvious damage and oil leakage phenomenon. Then check to see whether the hose joint is working and the turbocharger is leaking or not. Also, remember to note the filter and oil level and diesel quality.

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Fuel System

Drain away sewage from the diesel tank and oil-water separator. This is the best way to avoid damage to fuel system supply pumps, injectors, etc.

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Cooling System

Check if the belt is loose or broken, the fan blade is in good condition or not. Look at the surface of the radiator for damage or bullhead. Inspect the quality and level of the water tank, replace the antifreeze if necessary.

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Komatsu Excavator Cab

When you check the surface of the Komatsu Excavator cab, if it is dusty, clean it up. What’s more, be sure to adjust the rear-view mirror of the cab and notice the interior of the cab for damage.


Step 2. Power-On Check for Komatsu Excavator

Keep the battery fully charged and the start key off. When installing a battery, be certain to install the positive electrode first and then the negative electrode.

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The reliable way to check the excavator’s fault alarm is to turn on the start switch and look for the monitor is normal or not. Additionally, note the condition of electrical components, such as working lights and horns.

Step 3. Start Your Komatsu Crawler Excavator Up

After the machine starts, run the machine at a low idle speed for 5-10 minutes. Take a good look at the monitor for any fault alarm. For the abnormal noise and basic parameters, once discovered, write them down.

Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment, operate the machine at the low idle condition and move all working devices. Turn left and right slowly, and then set up a single track one by one to walk at low speed. Pay attention to the abnormal sound and oil leakage of the final drive.

When the engine water and hydraulic oil temperature gradually rise to the normal range, the machine can work at full capacity.

Additional Tips

Before the inspection for excavators, be sure to take measures to protect yourself, such as wearing protective glasses, helmet, gloves, wear good work shoes, and so on. Besides, the excavator parts maintenance staff must correctly use the operating tools, select a solid flat, and no dangerous environment for inspection and maintenance. Keep doors and windows open to accelerate the air to circulate and prevent poisoning if the machinery is maintained indoors.

It’s important for operators to make sure everything about the Komatsu excavator is taken care of before the busy season. Hopefully, the above Pre-Start Checklist will help you. Got an opinion on something within this article? Please leave a comment below.

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