The function of the Volvo equipment parts air filter element is to protect the engine from the invasion of hard dust in the air. However, there is a time limit for the use of air filter elements. The service time of coarse filtration is 500 hours at most, while that of fine filtration is 1000 hours. As soon as the deadline comes, they must be replaced. How to replace the Volvo construction parts air filter element? Here are 5 steps.

Step 1. Discharge Waste Oil

After draining the waste oil from the oil tank, place an old oil container under the oil pan, and then open the drain bolt to drain the waste oil. It is recommended to drip the oil for a period of time to ensure that the waste oil clean. Normally, there will be a lot of impurities in the used oil, only thoroughly clean them out will avoid oil line congestion.

Step 2. Remove The Old Volvo Excavator Equipment Parts

Move the old oil container under the filter and remove the old filter element. Be sure not to let waste oil dirty the inside of the machine. It is also necessary for operators to know that the internal air filter element is a disposable Volvo heavy equipment parts, please do not wash or reuse.

Volvo construction equipment parts

Step 3. Preparation before Installing Volvo Equipment Parts

Generally, There are two ways to install the oil filter element. One is a vertical installation, the other one is a horizontal installation. The latter is common in small excavators.

For vertically installed oil filter element, it is generally recommended that the user fill the new filter element with oil before installation. Without full oil, the new filter will generate air resistance inside. Start the machine in this case, will trigger the inner parts abrasion. The advantage of vertical installation is that the filter element seals well and it less likely to leak.

First of all, find a clean space, remove the new filter off the protective film, and then fill it with oil. Pay attention to the surrounding environment during the oil filling process, check the oil drum and the oil filling port to make sure that no dirt and other impurities enter. After filling the oil, you need to spread the oil on the sealing ring manually to increase the sealing performance.

The transversely mounted filter element is directly connected to the Volvo hydraulic pump without passing through the oil pipe. Therefore, when filling the oil tank, there will be no air resistance inside the filter. The horizontally installed filter element does not need to be filled with oil in advance before installation. Adding oil to the tank also means that the oil filter will fill up at the same time.

Step 4. Install A New Volvo Equipment Part Oil Filter

Before installing the new air filter, check the oil outlet, and clean up the dirt and residual oil. Then put on a sealing ring at the oil outlet, after that, screw on the new filter slowly. Do not tighten the Volvo equipment parts filter too tightly. Otherwise, the sealing ring may be damaged, and the sealing effect will get worse. The proper practice is to tighten by hand, and then use a wrench to turn 3/4 turns.

Step 5. Fill The Oil Tank with New Oil

Fill the oil tank with new oil, if necessary, use a funnel to prevent oil from pouring out of the engine. Inject the new oil into the oil tank, always remember to use a funnel if necessary to prevent the oil from being poured outside the engine. Lastly do not forget to check the lower part of the engine again for leaks.

If there is no leakage, check the oil gauge to see if the oil is filled to the top line. In daily operations, we should check the dipstick regularly. It is recommended to add oil to the upper limit. If it is less than the floor level, be sure to replenish it in time.

Words in The End

It seems that the oil filter element is insignificant, but it has an irreplaceable position in Volvo equipment parts.

Machinery needs an oil, just like the human body cannot run without healthy blood, once blood lost too much or blood quality changed, life will be seriously threatened.

The same with the machine, if the engine oil is not filtered by the filter element, it will directly enter the lubricating oil circuit. Ultimately, impurities will accelerate the parts to wear and reduce the service life of the engine.

Installing the air filter in the right way will help your construction heavy equipment have a longer service life. If I missed anything, or if you had a different experience with the air filter element, please let me know by leaving a comment!

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