A Bulldozer is an engineering vehicle that constructions always need. It is applicable in earth cutting, moving, and unloading. Cat bulldozers are well-known for the features of flexible operation, convenient operation, and small working area. Moreover, this kind of earthmoving equipment runs fast, is convenient moving between different construction sites. However, as a new operator, you need to learn how to take care of your Cat dozer parts to keep equipment in good condition, and running properly. Machinery lacking maintenance can influence engineering quality, including a lot of money to spend on repairs.

Keep Up with Regular Undercarriage Maintenance

1. Adjust The Track Tensioner

If the track of the bulldozer is over tensioned, the pitch of the bearing track is easy to get longer in the operation process. That will reduce the efficiency of mechanical walking, interfere with the power of the engine completely converted into the original power of the sprocket.

When the tension of track is not enough, track shoes will deviate from the center position when it rotates at high speed. The irregular fluctuation, beating, and impact from the track shoes will lead to the sprocket and track rollers abnormally wear. Undercarriage track Tension adjustment is acted by pumping grease into the oil injection nozzle of the tension cylinder.

2. Keep Idler Centered

dozer parts

Whether the guide wheel is centered has a direct impact on other parts of the bulldozer undercarriage. If the steering wheel is out of position, you need to check and adjust the gap between it and the crawler frame, to effectively extend the lifespan of the moving mechanism of the bulldozer.

How to adjust the gap between the sprocket and track frame? It is recommended to add or pull out a gasket between the guide plate and the bearing. When the clearance is large, remove the gasket, the gap is small, increase the gasket accordingly.

3. Turn The Track Pin And Sleeve over in Right Time

During the use of a bulldozer, the wear of the crawler pin and sleeve will gradually increase. Then the trackpads pitch will get continually longer. That will lead to poor meshing between the driving wheel and the pin sleeve, resulting in abnormal wear of both of them. In this way, the running of the track will be influenced. The abnormal phenomena such as hunting, beating, and impact will appear, which could greatly shorten the service life of the bulldozer’s undercarriage parts. Therefore, to avoid these serious situations, the common suggestion is to turn the track pin and its sleeve in place.

4. Tighten Bolts And Nuts in Time

In construction, once the dozer bolts get loose, it will easy to cause subsequent serious mechanical failures. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, check the screws and nuts for tight should be a routine job.

5. Keep Bulldozer Parts Lubricated

Lubrication maintenance of bulldozer accessories is a very critical work, most of the track rollers damage due to the inadequate lubrication measures, the excessive wear between bearings. Therefore, when operating a bulldozer, it is necessary to inspect the lubrication degree of the chassis parts, and regularly perform lubricating maintenance.

Check The Electric System Accumulator Battery

Among all kinds of components in the electrical system, batteries are the most impressionable. Take care of them using those ways:

  • Check the liquid level of the battery regularly, which should be 10 mm higher than the protection plate. Supplement distilled water in time if it is lower than this height.
  • The electro-hydraulic ratio depends on the temperature, the lower the temperature, the greater the proportion.
  • Charge The idle battery once a month even if you don’t need it at the moment.

Replenish Fuel in The Right Way

  • Selecting diesel fuel for an engine according to relevant regulations and local working environments. Besides, always keep the filler screen clean.
  • New oil always needs a long period to precipitate.after that carefully suck it out and poured into the diesel tank.
  • Fill the diesel tank up as soon as the job is done, in case water goes inside condenses into the oil. Besides, leave a certain amount of time for the oil you are going to use the next day to make water and impurities precipitation.
  • Check the oil quantity frequently. Once the oil quantity fails to reach the lower limit scale of the dipstick, it must be filled.

Maintain Bulldozer Cooling System Parts Properly

The cooling water of the engine could be distilled water, tap water, rainwater, or clean water. But it can not be dirty water or hard water, sticking to this practice will practice the scale formation and erosion of the cylinder liner. The cooling system may not be filled at one time when adding water to the water tank. After the diesel engine is running, the operator should check again and add enough cooling water when it is still insufficient.

How to clean out the scale in the cooling system? The first step is to clean it with an acid cleaning solution, then neutralize it with an alkaline aqueous solution. After a chemical reaction, the scale in the insoluble water will turn into the salt in the water. Then, you could clean it out of the system.

Don’t Forget The Daily Inspection

As an operator, before getting the machinery started, the following items you need to check:

  • All bolts and nuts for loose;
  • The wire for short circuit, short circuit, poor contact, etc;
  • Whether the cooling water is full;
  • Fuel quantity;
  • The engine sump oil quantity;
  • Transmission, final drive oil volume;
  • The oil quantity of the main clutch;
  • The steering lever travel;
  • Brake pedal travel;
  • Check if the meter reading of each instrument is normal, pay attention to the oil pressure;
  • Clear the water and sediment out from diesel tank;
  • Inspect the Main clutch drive plate bearing, ball bearing, and moving sleeve of the engagement mechanism.

Performing the above maintenance will make your Cat bulldozer more productive. Nevertheless, knowledge is infinite, to make the most of your machinery in projects, you also need to know the Main Parts And Functions of A Bulldozer well.

Did I miss anything? Or any extra tips would you like to add by leaving a comment below?