Slewing bearing is a kind of large-diameter bearing that can bear the comprehensive load. The type is various, but the structure is basically the same. It mainly composed of inner and outer rings, rolling body and so on. In this post, we will show you some effective ways to maintain slewing bearing parts of the Komatsu excavator.

The maintenance of the Komatsu excavator aftermarket parts slewing ring mainly covers lubrication and cleaning of the raceway and the inner ring, maintenance of inner and outer oil seals, etc.

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1. Lubrication of Raceway

Adding grease into the raceway can reduce friction between rolling body, raceway and isolation block. However, the raceway cavity is narrow while the resistance of grease filling is large, We need manual filling.

2.Inspection of Internal And External Oil Seals

The inner and outer oil seals of the slewing ring are rubber sealing strips. Therefore, always remember to look at whether the inner and outer oil seals of the slewing ring are in good condition or not. Repair or replace them in time if there is any fault.

3. Tighten Screws as Operation Specification

It is not the case that the greater the force is, the better the tightening force is. In fact, once the tension of the bolt exceeds the tensile strength of the bolt itself, the tightening force cannot be formed. In order to ensure the reliability of bolts, we should carry out the fastening in accordance with the specification for the pre-tightening torque of bolts. For Grade 10.9 strength bolt, we should use flat washers of 45# steel, instead of spring washers.

4. Komatsu Excavator Parts Gear Backlash Adjustment

When the inner ring gear of the slewing ring is assembled with the output gear of the slewing motor reducer, the backlash of the teeth should be adjusted according to the highest point of the radial runout of the inner pitch circle of the slewing ring. In general, the clearance Sh value between the maximum radial runout point of the inner pitch circle and the Gear tooth side of the rotary motor reducer is ≥0.03m (m is the gear module).

5. Check The Komatsu Excavator Parts Plug for Loose

The turntable bearing plug is set for disassembling the rolling element. However, once the locating pin is loose, it will cause the plug displacement. Even it will cause the movement of the raceway. Consequently, the movement of the rolling element will collide with the plug and make an abnormal sound. So, operators should pay attention to clean the dirt on the plug and check the plug for displacement.

6. Never Scour The Slewing Ring with Water

Never use water to scour the slewing bearings. If impurities and dust enter the raceway during scouring.that may lead to Rust and corrosion. Resulting in dilution of lubricating grease, damage of lubricating state, deterioration. So, Avoid any solvent contact with the slewing ring oil seal to reduce oil seal corrosion.

In summary, just like any other mechanical brand, the Komatsu excavator slewing ring is also likely to appear various faults after a long term operation. Only when the slewing ring is properly maintained can its service life be longer. If you enjoyed this post, please click the social medium button and share it to help others find it! Any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.