Bucket teeth often appear to wear, mainly because it is often sliding in the work, and also bear a little impact load. Because of this, digger teeth need to be replaced frequently. It is very necessary for excavator owners to keep the replacement digger teeth available, but more importantly, they also need to know more about the types, brands, and suppliers of digger teeth. Only in this way, can they know which digger teeth are suitable for their machines and working conditions, thus effectively reducing downtime and avoiding economic losses.

Step 1. What Are Bucket Teeth

Bucket tooth is an important component of the excavator, which consists of two parts: base and tip, the shape of it are similar to a human tooth. Generally speaking, the serious wear area of the bucket shovel is the forepart, so we only need to replace the tooth tip.

There are many reasons that cause abrasion. For example, while a Sumitomo excavator was running, the direct touching between digger teeth and material is inevitable. The tip impacts the surface of the ground very quickly, which will cause great wear and tear on the tooth tip. If the toughness of the heavy equipment bucket teeth is poor at this time, they are prone to deform.

Therefore, after the casting, we should heat treat the castings properly to improve the performance. What’s more, under the same working conditions, the service life of the bucket will be higher for two times.

Step 2. Backdigger And Skid-type Guide Bucket Teeth

Backdigger teeth are the reverse side of the front shovel. It is characterized by “backward downward, forced cutting”. Backdigger teeth are suitable for foundation pit, wetland and other environments with a depth of less than 6m.

bucket teeth for excavator

Skid-type guide bucket tooth’ main functions are loading, pushing, scraping and clamping. Because of the simple structure, flexible operation and stable performance of the sliding steering bucket, it is common in construction and municipal engineering.

tractor bucket teeth

Step 3. Digger Teeth Brands

Cat digger teeth products are famous for their good wear resistance and high production efficiency. Caterpillar founded in 1925 and headquartered in Illinois, is the largest manufacturer of construction machinery and mining equipment in the world.

JCB is a leading European manufacturer of construction equipment. It is also one of the world’s five construction machinery, built-in 1945. The JCB bucket teeth are well known as convenient, durable.

John Deere is a famous agricultural equipment manufacturer, established in 1837. The production scope includes construction, forestry, lawn, and other agricultural equipment. Its parts have a good non-conductive, corrosion resistance.

Step 4. How to Select Bucket Teeth Suppliers

Bucket tooth is one of the most frequent replacements of excavator parts, so business owners often need to source components from suppliers. In short, to choose suppliers, we need to check whether they have qualifications, formal factories and senior teams of engineers. At the same time, perfect after-sale service is an important condition for a qualified supplier.

According to Value-Ris experts of  China’s large bucket tooth supplier, when buying bucket tooth, firstly, you need to choose in accordance with your machine type and construction conditions, and then compare prices. Of course, durable and efficient parts can help improve production efficiency and save costs.

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