First of all, due to the increasing demand from customers, at the end of 2019, we set up a professional global brand promotion team. That means starting from 2020, maybe you will see our products and technical services in many places and you can send us inquiries through these channels.

brand promotion team of value-ris

Secondly, as a global manufacturer of bulldozer and excavator parts, Value-Ris invests about $850,000 to the world’s top machinery exhibitions every year for face-to-face business negotiation with customers. So that will help users feel the professional product service and technical support from Value-Ris better.

Before that, we will publish the exhibition information in the notification bar at the top of the website, just like the Chinese Spring Festival holiday notice has already appeared now. So if you want, subscribe so that you can get all the information as soon as possible.

spring festival notification

Finally, of course, through the website reserved telephone and email ( telling us your product requirements is also a good choice, we are going to answer you within 35 minutes.

Okey! After you are satisfied with our quotation, we will further confirm the order information, including details:

QuantityThe specific quantity you want to order (some products can be sold by set or pcs).
PortPriority to help you choose the most suitable port, in order to reduce transport time and cost.
Delivery TimeAll products will be produced normally according to the production schedule. If you have special requirements on the delivery date, please inform us in advance.
Documents of Customs ClearanceThe normal customs clearance documents are BOL,CI and PL. Besides, certificate of origin and invoice declaration or price list certified by chamber of commerce can also be issued.
Customs Clearance AssistanceIf you don't have much experience in international trade, we can introduce our certified agent to assist you with customs clearance at the port of destination.
Delivery TermsThe regular terms are FOB,CFR,CIF. But we also support EXW,DAP,FCA,CPT,CIP,DDU if you need actually.
ColorNormally, bulldozer parts are yellow and excavator parts are black. If you have a custom color request, we certainly support it.

Visual Production Process

In order to keep customers informed of the whole production schedule, your sales account manager will start in-depth communication with the production department within 1 hour after the order takes effect. And send the whole production plan and data about it to the customer in the form of the file for less than 30 hours.

At the beginning production of each type of product, the parameters and test data of the several consecutively manufactured batches must be submitted to customers in the form of videos and pictures. It is convenient for customers to know the production schedule and quality control in real-time.

During the production process, in order to improve machining precision and structural strength, Value-Ris’ quality control department will carry out regular sampling inspection of semi-finished products (65%~80%) and finished products (25%~32%) according to the plan.

At the end of the order, we will recommend the forwarder shipping agent that has been inspected and certified by Value-Ris, so as to avoid some dangerous situations well during the transit.