As we know, engineering accessories are consumables. After a period of use, the owner always needs to replace some accessories timely. the goal is to ensure that the machine working safely and efficiently. Case construction machinery is mainly excavator, bulldozer, skid steer. Regard to the purchase of Case construction parts, the following aspects are worth noting.

Case Excavator Parts

The Case crawler excavator commonly works in mining, landscaping, and municipal engineering. The machine is famous for its high power, good durability, and stable performance. There are three types of excavators in case: small type, large type, and wheel type.

  • Small excavators have the characteristics of amazing power, convenience to use, and less space limitation. The independent center swing arm enables the machine to work close to the obstacle.
  • Large excavators have high hydraulic power, large operating range, and spacious cab space. Its tonnage ranges from 1.7t to 80t,
  • The upper structure of the wheel excavator is compact, equipped with a large capacity oil tank, and the fuel consumption is low. It also has an excellent lifting and digging performance.

Purchasing tips on Case excavator parts:

There are three kinds of case construction excavator spare parts: Original factory, supporting factory, and auxiliary factory.

  • The quality of the original parts is superior, but the price is high.
  • Supporting factory accessories are OEM components, It has the same quality as the original parts, but the packaging is different, the price is lower.
  • Auxiliary factory components refer to accessories produced without the authorization of the original manufacturer.

Case Construction Equipment Parts

Buying case excavator accessories, consumers are more inclined to choose a cost-effective supplier. Besides, For the core parts of the excavator, it is recommended that you buy from the regular large manufacturers.

Case dozer accessories

Case bulldozers have a wide utilization of mining, Quarrying, and landscaping. The machine adopts advanced power transmission technology, which makes the machine have a strong track driving force and excellent propulsion force during steering.

Purchasing tip: be sure to choose bulldozer accessories according to the type of machine, since different types of case bulldozer accessories are not equal.

Also, the newly purchased parts should match your construction machinery perfectly on material, size, or quality. otherwise, the non-matching replacement components are likely to raise machinery damage, even affect safety performance.

Case Construction Parts Online

Case Skid Steer spare parts

the main advantages of case crawler loaders are high power and high efficiency. The Case Skid Steer has excellent scoop strength and hinge pin height can quickly help you complete the construction task.

Skid steer of the case also performs well on muddy or sandy terrain conditions. Its excellent hinge pin height supports the bucket to move to a higher position.

Purchase tips: The wear degree of each accessory is different. So, during ordering Case crawler skid loader parts, maybe you should buy some more easily worn parts.

Case Backhoe Parts

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