You may be shocked when you hear about “fake excavator parts” firstly because no one would believe that in engineering machinery. However, in practice, if you have owned excavators for many years and have replaced excavator spare parts several times, you’ll believe it without a shadow of doubt.

That’s true!

Compared with guaranteed aftermarket excavator parts, the shoddy ones will greatly reduce the structural life and work efficiency of the machine. So today, I will teach you how to distinguish the quality of the top FOUR excavator parts. And these basic knowledge and clever trick will help you guard against being taken in.

1. Excavator bucket teeth

Just as teeth problems in chewing increase the muscle burden on the face, fake teeth will multiplying the driver’s labor intensity endlessly. So, what’s the difference between authentic and fake excavator bucket teeth?

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  • In the production process, regular heavy equipment parts suppliers will mark part number and models on the appearance of the bucket teeth in accordance with the standardization requirements of the industry. However, informal products often ignore this remarkable information.
  • The sidewall of the pure excavator bucket teeth is thicker, and the groove and bucket teeth root are closely matched. But the products with shoddy workmanship are barely satisfactory in terms of machining accuracy.
  • Generally, the standard weight of bucket teeth is 6KG, and the bad ones tend to be close to or even difficult to reach 4KG. This kind of thieving behavior is really intolerable. More seriously, the latter has inherent defects in structural strength and wear resistance. It is easy to cause installation difficulties or the bucket teeth to fall off during excavation because of the unavoidable structural error.

2. Engine oil

We often say that the lubrication system of an engine is very similar to the blood circulation system of the human body. Absolutely right! Anyone will be dead without healthy blood, and so the engine system is. As an indispensable member of excavator replacement parts, the quality of an engine and the length of service life much depends on the quality of the engine oil.

Engine oil check and identification methods are mostly carried out in the low-temperature link. And in general, we’ll observe cold flow properties after freezing them for 48 hours in a refrigerator at 15 degrees below zero. You will find that the high-quality engine oil will still flow with the tilt of the bottle. Unfortunately, the bad one is starting to thicken.

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On the other hand, the color and transparency of guaranteed oil at low temperature is not different from that in the normal environment. 

3. Engine fluid

In addition to the antifreeze characteristics of the engine fluid, in general, it also plays an important role in preventing boiling and corrosion. And the counterfeit coolant is generally mixed by the low boiling point of alcohol.

Although this kind of product has antifreeze function, but the boiling point is very low. Anything Else, there is a lot of industrial salt and brine antifreeze on the market and this could cause irreparable damage to the engine cooling system.

4. Engine air filter

  • The hole spacing of the outer wire mesh of a high-quality air filter element is evenly distributed, and it is brushed with white anti-rust paint. However, the unqualified ones are often just ordinary wire mesh, and steel plate holes are sparse.
  • The color of pure filter paper is milky white, the paper is delicate without deformation. But the fake engine air filter is sulfur or other colors to allow more impurities into the engine system, leading to the excavator engine overhaul ahead of time.
  • According to the industry production standard, the pure construction machinery parts suppliers would print the factory number on the bottom of its internal and external filters, while a small workshop will not spend time on these details.

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Through the above experience sharing, you are not difficult to find the truth: Selecting excavator parts carefully is even more important than how to operate it correctly. Although the variety of construction parts on the market is dazzling, but it is still a meaningful thing on how to screen out the excavator parts suppliers that can stand the test of time in the complex market environment.

This is where Value-Ris Construction Parts come in.