As we all know, John Deere is a famous manufacturer of construction machinery in North America. Its excavators are very popular in the market for many years. Among the construction equipment parts of John Deere excavator, a bucket is one of the most easy-wear components in a project, always bears a lot of external force. Consequently, it is always in need of replacement due to wearing out.

When purchasing bucket parts, it’s imperative to think about equipment type and environmental factors. Because the wrong choice of buying bucket is likely to reduce the overall excavator production efficiency. Even adding extra machinery operating cost by at least 10% – 20%. How to choose the right construction parts bucket for your John Deere excavator? Here are some ways.

Choosing Construction Equipment Parts Bucket According to Excavator Tonnage

During the construction equipment parts purchase, the owner should choose the bucket with the right capacity according to his current excavator tonnage. The way to calculate bucket volume is: Count the number of squares that the cross-section takes up to estimate the heap’s cross-sectional area. Combine parts of squares and count them as one square. Multiply the area you find with the width of the bucket to find the total capacity. In this way, you can know the proper bucket volume of your equipment. Here are some common John Deere excavator models and their bucket volume:

  • Mini (1-6 tons) – A mini excavator is suitable for working in a narrow space and its bucket is flexible and convenient to operate.
ModelsOverall Drilling WeightBucket Volume
E18ZS1895 kg0.05m³
E60/E685700 kg0.22m³
  • Small (6-25tons) – The small excavator can also work in a small space, but its construction equipment parts bucket needs to be able to work with higher strength.
ModelsOverall Drilling WeightBucket Volume
E13013480 kg0.53 m³
E140LC13800(14020) kg0.63/ 0.60 m³
E210/E210LC22000~23900 kg1.0-1.2 m³
E240/E240LC26300 kg1.2 m³
  • Medium (25-40tons) – Medium-sized excavators are capable of earthwork, road repair, land clearing, infrastructure construction, and so on. Naturally, its bucket capacity and strength are higher.
ModelsOverall Drilling WeightBucket Volume
E260 LC26100 kg1.2 m³
E300 LC30950 kg1.3-1.6 m³
E330 LC33800 kg1.6 m³
E36033400-34800 kg1.6 m³
E360LC36500 kg1.6-2.0 m³
  • Large (40-90tons) – Large excavators are often used in large earthworks and open-pit mining. So the matching construction equipment parts bucket needs to be more wear-resistant and powerful.
ModelsOverall Drilling WeightBucket Volume
E400LC40700 kg2.0 / 2.2 m³

Tips: The above mainly refers to the standard bucket.

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Selecting Excavator Bucket According to Working Mode

  • Backhoe. it is mainly for excavators under 100 tons, also called backhoe bucket. With the help of it, you can excavate the soil below ground level with ease. The basic operation methods include angle excavation, ultra-deep trench excavation, and trench slope excavation.
  • Forward bucket. Most of the excavators over 100 tons need forward shovels. This kind of construction equipment parts bucket is not suitable for digging but can exert a lot of force in the horizontal direction. Generally, with a large capacity, it always plays an important in loading and carrying. Front shovel buckets can dig the soil above the ground level, especially for the dry foundation pit with a height greater than 2m.

The Specific Application Determines The Style of Construction Equipment Parts Bucket

The Newly purchased construction equipment parts bucket needs to match the working environment the excavator is going to work in.  The Common bucket types are as follows:

  • Earthwork bucket. It is quite common and suitable for general clay excavation, sand, soil, gravel loading, and other light operations. The construction equipment parts earth bucket is appropriate for hard soil, soft stone, gravel, gravel loading, and other heavy-duty operations.
  • Rock bucket. Rock buckets are made from wear-resistant steel, with reinforcing bars at the bottom. It is more suitable for the heavy load operation such as the loading of hard rock, wind fossil, ore after blasting, etc.
  • The bucket for loosening the soil. This kind of bucket is mainly used for crushing hard soil, wind fossils, excavation, and loading. Either a single tooth or multi-tooth, they both have sharp teeth and are easy to break the ground. What is more, with high density, it can complete digging at one time, the operation efficiency is high.
  • Trapezoid bucket. This kind of construction equipment parts bucket has many sizes, widths, and shapes, such as triangle and trapezoid. It is a utility in water conservancy, highway, agriculture, and pipeline trenching. Even more remarkable, It has high working efficiency, can complete the construction at one time.


Every project is different and we need the right construction parts depending on the construction requirements. What did you think of our advice on choosing a John Deere excavator bucket? Did you think we missed anything out? For more information about John Deere excavators or any questions?Please Leave a comment below!