As a famous construction equipment parts brand of China, Value-Ris covers 80,000 square meters with more than 120 employees and annual sales reach USD12,800,000. With the computer control machining line and IPOG, all the bulldozer and excavator parts are exported to over 45 countries around the world.

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In terms of manufacturing cost, we still adopt 100% first-class raw materials from Shanghai Baosteel Group with the best price. This is because we have been work together for 18 years already. Anything else, the following FOUR aspects are effective ways to reduce costs for Value-Ris.

01、CNC Production Line

Among all the types of equipment (Japan) used for construction parts processing, the coverage rate of CNC machine tools is as high as 87%. The programmable digital machining center guarantees the mechanical properties of each spare part, especially for the ones that need to be refined by forging.

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As a result of bringing in the advanced processing unit,  the quantity of defective and sub-standard products can be reduced significantly. It is clear that this economic benefit from technological innovation plays an important role in reducing customer procurement costs.

02、Prompt & Zerodefect Feedback

Rapid and accurate information feedback is our most basic requirement for employees’ daily work performance. After receiving orders, the relevant sales consultant will organize and initiate the order management plan. At the same time, she or he will be responsible for the supervision of the whole order management progress as below.

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So far, better execution efficiency and accurate feedback we have insisted on have saved time costs for clients across the board. In fact, this is the smart way we create to explore customer satisfaction.

03、Visualized Data and Results

Unlike most manufacturers, Value-Ris always follows the production concept of quality visualization. We recognize that customers have the right to know how well the order is being completed in real-time.

Obviously, it includes not only the necessary electronic documents, but the pictures and videos that are used as an aid to keep the customer well informed of the progress of the order.

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With this in mind, every Thursday during the production of the order arrangement, the sales manager will be around the production line to record the actual data of products in the form of pictures and videos. Of course, you will also obtain some test scenes and real-time data from the quality control department a few hours afterward.

04、Random Inspection of Semi-finished Products

In order to ensure the assembly precision and mechanical properties, the random inspection of semi-finished products must not be taken lightly. So we set up an essential mobile inspection team to carry out regular spot checks on semi-finished construction parts.

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If all the products inspected are qualified, the technical engineer will follow the current production plan to proceed with the next step.

Once any deviation is found in the dimension and appearance of any part, the relevant person will check the problems to ensure that the final parts consistent with the standard. Excessive demanding processing precision, it is hassle-free to reduce the cost of production.