No matter which brand of the construction machinery accessories is, maintenance is always necessary. Let’s take Volvo construction machinery parts As an example, there are two identical six-tonne diggers, after three years of use, the machine with good components sells better in second-hand markets.

Volvo Excavator Parts

It’s not that the tighter the bolt, the better. In the Volvo excavator parts operation manual, the torque of each bolt is specified. If the bolt is too tight to compress the gasket, the gasket will lose its elasticity.

When installing the Volvo heavy equipment parts pistons, do not heat them with open flame. Because the thickness of each part of the piston is uneven, heating on an open fire will cause deformation due to uneven, The right way is to place the piston in hot oil heating.

Check whether there is water and sundries in the oil-water separator, if any, discharge them in time. The oil and oil filter element change cycle is generally 250 hours.

Volvo Loader Machinery Spare Parts

Before using the loader, operators must read the operation and maintenance manual. They also must follow the Volvo loader parts specification to drive strictly, otherwise may have the serious consequence.

After starting up, the diesel engine machine temperature will be low, often diesel combustion incomplete. At this time, if the accelerator is increased, the excess diesel fuel with incomplete combustion will form carbon deposit, which will aggravate the diesel engine emissions.

heavy equipment spare parts

Pay attention to the lubrication of the machine, check and keep the oil quality and oil level in good condition. Also change regularly and according to the season to choose the appropriate viscosity of the oil.

Always pay attention to the temperature of the gearbox, torque converter, front and rear axle, wheel hub and brake drum. If there is overheating, find out the cause and eliminate it.

Volvo Construction Machinery Grader Parts

In order to ensure the normal operation of the grader parts, it is necessary to check whether there is clutter at any time. if any, it is necessary to stop the machine to clean up, so as to avoid belt deviation.

In summer, add viscous No. 30 gear oil to the grader,but in winter, add No. 20.

Always check the reliability of electrical equipment such as the main order switch knob, button and indicator light of all grader accessories.

Check whether electric equipment, electrical lines, and other parts are normal. In case of any abnormal sound or peculiar smell, address it right away.

These are the ways to extend the service life of Volvo heavy equipment spare parts. Do you have additional tips for this post? Please share them in the comments below!

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