In the daily construction work, excavator parts are very easy to appear wear. Routine maintenance can help your excavator components to last longer and save a lot of money.

Bucket, chassis, and engine are the most widely used working devices in excavator operation.they are also several working parts that bear the largest load in excavator operation. thus, Strengthening the maintenance of these excavator parts plays a very important role in the normal operation of the excavator.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Track adjuster. The tensioning degree is very important for the maintenance of excavator chassis parts. The operator needs to adjust the tensioning degree according to different working conditions. When the machine is working on soft soil, the wheels will stick to a lot of soil, so the track adjuster should be slightly loose. On the contrary, when the machine is working on a flat and hard surface, we need to tighten the tensioner.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Track roller. Try to avoid the track roller soak in muddy water for a long time. After a workday, operators should support the single track. drive the traveling motor. The purpose of this is to make it easier to clean up the dirt, gravel, and other debris on the track.

Idler. In general, remember to keep the guide wheel in front of you to avoid abnormal wear on the chair rail. Operators also need to regularly open the walking motor guard plate, clean the dirt inside. Too much debris in the guard plate will wear the walking motor tubing. In addition, the moisture in the soil also could corrode the tubing joint.

Track shoe. Try to avoid the excavator walking for a long time, otherwise, the track shoes will be worn. It is also necessary to avoid walking on the gravel. Once there are gravels in the middle of track plates, the track shoes will be squeezed to bend.

Digger Bucket Parts

Data show that an excavator consumes 4-5 buckets every 8 years on average. Especially in the stone construction environment, the dipper wears faster. So When the bucket is worn to a certain extent, the excavator master should reinforce the bucket in time. This method can effectively improve the excavator bucket parts service life

Excavator Spare Parts

In general, the edge knife, bottom plate, side plate and teeth of the bucket will be seriously worn. Therefore, operators should regularly check these places, and reinforce them if necessary. In order to ensure that the welding is firm and effective, it is best to find a technician with excellent welding technology to help you with the welding.

Excavator Engine Parts

Some drivers always pay more attention to check the oil quantity of the lubricating oil, instead of the inspection of the quality of the lubricating oil, The result is the moving parts of the engine always run in the poor lubrication environment. In this case, premature wear of accessories is inevitable.

Excavator Engine Parts

Do not screw the bolt too tight. During assembly and disassembly, the torque of the bolt is clearly defined. For example, the tightening torques of the transmission case, cylinder head, hub, connecting rod, and front axle are specified in the Hitachi excavator parts operation manual, so do not make any change at will. However, many users mistakenly believe The tighter the bolt, the safer it will be. In fact, if the bolts are too tight, they will break the screws or bolts, and may also cause failure due to thread slippage.

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