The hydraulic system is a system that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Volvo equipment hydraulic system parts mainly include a multi-way valve, pipeline, oil cylinder, motor, and Volvo hydraulic pump, etc. As an operator, one of the daily jobs is to check and maintain the hydraulic system parts.

Select The Right Hydraulic Oil

In addition to providing power for excavators, hydraulic oil can also lubricate and cool mechanical parts. The quality of hydraulic oil could impact on the performance of the Volvo equipment hydraulic system parts. Selecting hydraulic oil based on the working environment and the specific type of oil pump would be a wise choice.

Prevent The Volvo equipment Hydraulic System Parts from Entering The Air

In the process of using the excavator, it is also necessary to prevent the hydraulic system from entering the air. Otherwise, the performance of the system will be greatly affected. What is more, many anomalies are likely to happen, such as generating noise, slowing down the running speed, etc, which will reduce the working force of the excavator.

So in the actual use of an excavator, do not put the oil tank on the surface to avoid air entering into the Volvo equipment hydraulic parts. If the air enters the tank through refueling, remove it for the first time.

Control Oil Pollution to Protect Volvo Equipment Parts

Poor machine oil could have a serious influence on the stability of the system. Therefore, in order to ensure the working efficiency of excavator, we should protect the hydraulic oil from pollution.

Not only to ensure the independent use of different hydraulic oil, but also in the way of placing filters at the oil tank entrance to avoid moisture, dust, and other impurities into the hydraulic system. In addition, every other period of time, we need to thoroughly clean the hydraulic system accessories. The purpose is to remove impurities from the hydraulic pump and valve in time.

volvo hydraulic pump

Maintain Proper Hydraulic Oil Temperature

In the process of using excavator, if the hydraulic oil overheats, its viscosity will decrease accordingly. As a result, the lubricity of the oil will become poor, which will eventually lead to the wear of the Volvo equipment parts. More seriously, the overheated hydraulic oil may also have a negative impact on the operating efficiency and performance of the equipment.

How to avoid overheating of hydraulic oil? On the one hand, in the process of operation, pause for a while after a certain period of operation. And then carry out subsequent work after the hydraulic oil temperature drops to a reasonable range. On the other hand, always pay attention to clean the cooling device of the excavator regularly and control the oil quantity in the tank.

Only by maintaining the excavator hydraulic system regularly can the machinery work normally. Besides, excavator hydraulic system fault detection and solution is also very important. So this is all about 4 tips on how to maintain the Volvo Equipment hydraulic system parts. If you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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