As we all know, the application of construction machinery is beneficial to boost construction progress. How to prolong the construction parts lifespan is worth attention. However, the same mechanical parts may have very different life spans. In the article, I will take Case excavator parts as an example to introduce how to improve the lifespan of excavator parts from 3 aspects.

1. Pay Attention to Maintenance

As shown in the survey, the proper maintenance parts could save the overall repair cost of 25-50% per year. maintenance is an essential way to prolong the service life of machinery. This is in line with the “low-cost quick repair method” proposed by the machinery industry. It is primarilyuseful for extending the lifespan of machinery or parts. Besides, regular taking care of the construction machinery is the key to extend the parts service life. Generally speaking, construction companies have many clear regulations on the maintenance of construction machinery.

However, some of the owners tend to neglect the maintenance job once they encounter a tight schedule or heavy tasks. They mistakenly believe that the machine is under good condition, no faults appear. There’s no need to waste time on the inspection. But the reality is the opposite, if there is no enough protective measure to take overtime, it would take your parts into the risk of mechanical failures or even accidents. Many owners could fall into troubles of maintenance cost over-run and delaying the time for a project.

2. Purchase Good Quality Case Excavator Parts

Be sure to choose a reliable supplier when purchasing Case excavator parts online. If there is no strict quality inspection system, the failure rate will be high. that will undoubtedly add the maintenance workload and affect the service life of parts. To clarify this point further, we take Case excavator track roller and engine for example.

Case excavator parts online

The roller is one critical part of excavator chassis. Its quality is directly related to the undercarriage performance of the excavator. However, to save the manufacturing cost of the roller, some manufacturers adopt bimetal material to make roller bearing bush.  After a period of use, the gap between the bearing bush and the shaft will get bigger because of the thin copper layer (only 0.7mm). The result will be that the track roller has to be replaced due to premature oil leakage. Compared with our bearing bush, it is made of zcuzn25al6fe3mn3. The whole bearing bush is made of copper alloy which will prolong the wear resistance and service life of the roller.

The common vulnerable parts of the engine are crankshaft, piston, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod bush, etc. If you want to buy Cummins 6taa-5904 engine parts, you could give priority to Cummins’s outsourcing manufacturers. Since their parts are of the same quality as the original factory, but the high-cost performance is higher.

3. Reasonable Use of Case Excavator Parts

Train Operators on Mechanical Operation Specifications

The improper operation will directly impact the service life of Case excavator parts. Therefore, operators should acquire the structure principle and operation procedures. They also should master the capability for excavator using, maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting. Correctly use the machinery, strictly implement the safety operation procedures will help control costs. Additionally, The economic benefits of excavators should have been closely related to the expenses of machinery fuel and maintenance. Before the Case excavator operators go on duty, they must study the operation manual of construction machinery, understand the mechanical properties as well.

Take Effective Parts Protective Measures in Harsh Conditions

One more thing to mention is the influence of environmental factors on machinery. Most of the construction equipment is operated in the open air, and the operation site often changes. So the replacement parts are always under influence of temperature, air pressure, pollution, road condition. Some construction units overlook the environmental factors, fail to take protective measures on the equipment. Eventually, with that comes the mechanical performance decrease, service life of parts shorten and even accidents occur.

There are many effective excavator protective measures to take in construction sites. The recommended ways are keeping the construction road level, filling the puddles on rainy days. Don’t forget to water the construction ground in the dry conditions to reduce dust.

Proper Run-in Period

The service life of construction parts is mostly related to the proper breaking-in period. In theory, the run-in period in ordinary operation should more than 60H. Besides, the driving distance should not be less than 1500km.

Avoid Overload Running Your Case Excavator Parts

Case excavator overload will lead to engine and undercarriage parts premature wear and tear. As shown in a survey, When the engine speed is constant but the mechanical load increased to twice, engine wear and tear will triple. Overloading equipment on uneven ground will cause the excavator parts deformation and fracture. That also will decrease the service life of the transmission system.

Although excavators look as invincible as the bumblebee in the movie Transformers. Indeed, its accessories are very easy to wear. How to improve the service life of Case excavator parts? hopefully, the above will give you a hand. For more ideas on how to maintain machinery parts, read our guide: How to Maintain Excavator Parts to Save Cost