The purpose of machine owners is very clear before buying excavator parts. They understand exactly what kind of working conditions the excavator will face. Of course, not only including the working strength of the site, temperature, altitude and other details, but also the condition of excavator spare parts and undercarriage parts. Actually, it is not difficult for an experienced operator to make a reasonable assessment.

The reason for such meticulous preparations is that everyone knows that the driving environment and the danger factor of excavators are far more than other machinery. Safe construction is the most honest hope of every operator. So today I summarized four security identity of excavator parts. We really hope to provide some necessary reference about safe construction for everyone.

Level 4: Danger

That should be exactly what you focused the most when you see this logo on the excavator parts. Because it represents an emergency dangerous situation. If the operator does not improve safety awareness and avoid potentially dangerous situations in advance, it is likely to cause death or serious injury.

excavator spare parts

At the same time, it will also bring certain life threats and property losses to the surrounding construction personnel and machinery. Pomposity and negligence lead to calamity. Although all good things come to an end, we don’t want to end it by this way.

Level 3: Warning

The warning is meant to emphasize that the excavator spare parts are potentially dangerous, but if you don’t touch them or violate the rules, substantial personal injury will not occur.

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However, in fact, there are still a lot of accidents every year due to mechanical failure of the parts and improper operation. The complicated and changeable construction environment is also the objective factor of the accident. It may never be a peaceful world for excavator operators, because you can’t imagine who will die in a sudden disaster. That wasn’t a joke you know.

Level 2: Caution

These safety signs can be found on many excavator replacement parts. They are basically used as warning signs to remind operators to be vigilant at all times. Similarly, this sign represents a hidden danger. Minor or moderate injuries are inevitable if they cannot be effectively avoided.

excavator undercarriage

Level 1: Notice

The notification class means that the danger coefficient is very small in a certain sense. And you can find it quickly on most aftermarket excavator parts. It simply describes one situation that could cause damage to the machine operation and personal property.

excavator track partsHowever, if you think these notifications are unimportant or even negligible, you’re completely mistaken. The excavator operators not only must read and memorize but also have the obligation to urge and remind other construction personnel to pay attention.

The security identity of excavator spare parts plays a decisive role in personal safety and equipment maintenance in many cases. So, if this article is good for your work, share it with more people to get more attention right now!