The maintenance of heavy machinery parts is a very important job. But if the maintenance operation is inappropriate, it is easy to cause big trouble. In order to illustrate it in detail, we take the following brands of the machine as examples.

Case Excavator Heavy Machinery Parts

  • During construction equipment parts maintenance, the maintainer should park the excavator in a flat, non-hazardous condition. Turn off the engine and pull out the key.
  • There should be an “in service” sign on the door and joystick.
  • While carrying out maintenance work, maintenance workers must wear a safety helmet, gloves, and other protective tools.
  • No smoking during working hours.
  • Engine parts are usually hot when they just stop working. therefore, we should wait for the temperature of the parts to drop, then check and repair.
  • Before practicing inspection and maintenance, the mechanic should discharge the pressure and oil pressure of the system. To repair electrical components, remove the battery terminals first.
  • So as to prevent poisoning, open the door and windows for air circulation during indoor maintenance.

Volvo Loader Replacement Parts

  • Please don’t smear the butter. Grease the cylinder liner, Some people take this practice for improving the Engine tightness. However, in fact, it is easy to cause grease to flow into the cylinder and reduce the gap between the cylinder head and the body.
  • Change the oil regularly. in the course of the operation of the diesel engines, a lot of dirt will enter the engine oil. Supposing we just add oil instead of renewing, the Engine damage is inevitable.if things go on like this, even the practice will lead to accidents such as tile burning and axle holding.
  • Note the dimensions of Volvo loader liner and piston. Lots of mechanics believe that the new products should be standard components, and overlook the specific size of the cylinder liner and piston. This practice is likely to cause cylinder liner and piston unmatch.
  • Do not grind the bearing bush with emery cloth. Scraping tile is a relatively high technical content work in the maintenance of heavy machinery parts. However, it’s noticeable that scraping tile is not equivalent to grinding directly with abrasive cloth.
  • Don’t add cold water when the water tank is boiling. Overload operation of the engine and poor heat dissipation will cause the water tank to boil. If adding water to the tank at this point, the cylinder head and cylinder block may blow up. So the proper way is to stop the engine, wait for its natural cooling before adding water.

Komatsu Dozer Parts

Construction Equipment Parts

  • Before disassembling and assembling the parts, it is necessary for mechanics to be familiar with the relevant instructions and technical data。
  • When disassembling parts, the maintainer needs to notice the original position of each part and make marks.remember to Record the disassembly sequence of adjacent parts.
  • Keep the air fresh in the filter and fill the tank with non-corrosive water.
  • Regularly check whether the battery, motor and the connector parts of each harness are fastened.
  • The diesel engine cooling system should be treated with a scale every 600 hours. The general method is to use an acid cleaning solution first and then neutralize with an alkaline water solution.

Champion Grader Heavy Machinery Accessories

  • When maintaining the machine, park the grader on a flat surface and ensure the gearbox is in a “NEUTRAL” mode.
  • If the grader will be out of service for more than 30 days, ensure that its components are not exposed.
  • Before maintenance, clean the grader thoroughly and ensure there is no Corrosive residue.
  • Remove the storage battery and store it in a ventilated, dry place. The temperature should be between 0 and 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Observe the change of oil level in the oil tank in time to ensure that the oil level is at a safe height. When replacing with new oil, replace the filter element at the same time.

In conclusion, heavy machinery components require constant maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. If you enjoyed this article, please share it via the left social medium button to help others find it! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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