Komatsu excavator parts Fuel Injector is a kind of precise solenoid valve. It looks small, but in truth, plays a crucial part in the excavator engine. If an oil injector fails to work, it could get the Komatsu diesel engine into all kinds of trouble. The main failures of it include serious carbon deposition in the cylinder, the cylinder barrel, and piston ring wear and so on. What are the most common Komatsu excavator aftermarket parts fuel injector problems? And how to fix them? Next, I will introduce from the following 8 aspects.

The 8 Most Common Diesel Engine Fuel Injector Failures And How to Fix Them

Poor Atomization of Fuel Injector

When the injection pressure is too low, there will be a carbon deposit in the nozzle wear. The injector will open in advance and close in delay, then the phenomenon of poor atomization will occur. In the case of poor atomization of the fuel injector, the single-cylinder diesel engine could not operate. The multi-cylinder diesel engine will appear in power reduction, black smoke, and abnormal operation sound. Besides, because the diesel droplets with too large particle size, it can not be fully burned. They will flow into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, increase the oil level, reduce the viscosity. Also, that could trigger the accident of cylinder scoring and Bush-burning.

Solution: Disassemble the fuel injector for cleaning, maintenance, and re-commissioning.

Komatsu Excavator Accessories Fuel Injector Return Pipe Damaged

When the fit between the needle valve body and the injector shell is not tight enough, the return oil volume will rise. Some of which can reach 0.1-0.3 kg / h. If the oil return pipe fails to work or leaked, the oil return will drain away. Therefore, the oil return pipe must be intact so that the oil can flow into the oil tank smoothly.

Needle Valve Orifice Expansion

As the high-pressure oil flow continues to spray and wash, the injection hole of the needle valve will gradually grind larger. that will cause the dropping of injection pressure. There also will be more problems like the shortening of the injection distance, the poor atomization of diesel oil.

Solution: The hole diameter of the single hole pin injector is generally larger than 1mm. Place a steel ball with a diameter of 4-5mm at the hole end. then tap it gently with a hammer to reduce the hole diameter. If it is still unqualified after debugging, there is no other option than to change the needle valve coupling.

The Komatsu Excavator Needle Valve Parts Is Stuck

The water or acid substance in the diesel oil will rust the needle valve and get stuck. Once the sealing cone fails to work, the combustible gas will rush into the mating surface to form carbon deposits. That will eventually lead to the pin valve stuck.

Solution: Heat the pin valve coupling in the waste oil until it boils and smokes, then take it out, clamp the tail of it with a pair of pliers padded with a soft cloth and slowly move it out, dip it with clean oil, let it move and grind repeatedly in the valve body until the valve can slowly exit from the valve body when the needle valve coupling is upside down. Reinstall the pin valve into the injector. If it still does not work, replace the needle valve coupling.

End Wear of Komatsu Excavator Parts Needle Body

When the needle valve frequently moves back and forth to impact the end face of the body. In that way, there will be a pit over a long period. As the pressure increases, the excavator may eventually fail to work properly.

Solution: Clamp the needle valve body onto the grinder to grind the end face, and then grind it on the glass plate with fine grinding paste.

Air Leakage And Oil Pumping of The Joint Hole Between The Injector And The Cylinder Head

Carefully remove the carbon deposit in the mounting hole when installing the injector in the cylinder head. Ensure that the Komatsu excavator parts copper gasket is flat. never replace it by asbestos plate or other materials in case of poor heat dissipation or seal failure. So, is the self-made copper washer OK? Sure, but the copper gasket must be red copper. It will ensure the distance of the injector extending out of the cylinder head meets the technical requirements. Besides, install the concave shape of the fuel injector clamp downward, avoid unilateral bias during tightening. always to tighten it evenly according to the specified torque. Otherwise, the head of the fuel injector will leak gas and oil due to deformation and deflection.

Wear of Needle Valve And Guide Surface of The Hole

Avoid the pin valve in the hole frequently reciprocating movement. The invasion of diesel impurities and dirt will make the pin valve hole guide surface gradually worn. Especially when oil injector leakage aggravates, pressure reduction, injection time lag, Diesel engines will be hard to start.

When the injection time delay is too much, the locomotive can not run, you should change the needle valve coupling.

Oil Drips From The Komatsu Excavator Component Injector

When the injector works, the sealing conical surface will be impacted by the needle valve. Once high-pressure oil flow from this place, the conical surface will gradually appear nicks or spots. The result will be injector dripping oil.

Solution: Remove the fuel injector, dip a little chrome oxide fine grinding paste on the head of the needle valve. Be careful not to stick it in the hole and then grind the conical surface. After that wash the fuel injector with diesel oil and install it into the fuel injector for the test. If it is still unqualified, there is no other way than replace a new needle valve.

How to Reduce Fuel Injector Failure

Check The Fuel Injector

Firstly, check the fuel injector’s starting pressure and tightness. Then inspect the atomization quality of the injector. Observe the shape, number, droplet fineness and distribution of the spray column. Look over whether there is any fuel leakage at the injection hole before and after the valve opening pressure.

Assemble According to Instruction

Before installing the fuel injector into the cylinder, check whether the sealing ring for good condition. look at the cleanliness and tightness of the sealing surface between the fuel injector and the cylinder head. Clean up if necessary to prevent the fuel gas leaks and the oil injector burns. What’s more, note that the fastening nuts of the fuel injector on the cylinder head should not be over tightened. Always remember to operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

Operate The Diesel Engine at High Load

In the case of meeting the use requirements, to keep the engine running under high load condition. The combustion quality is the best when the load is more than 80%.

Choosing The Proper Fuel Oil

Choose the Low sulfur fuel as far as possible. So that to ensure your fuel is clean, with fewer impurities and low water content.

Learn to Identify Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts Fault Alarm Signals

In operation, the occurrence of Z010 and z030 alarm codes is related to the failure of a fuel injector.

  • Z010:Indicates abnormal oil discharge pressure. The main reason is that the water and impurities in diesel oil wear the fuel nozzle. That will cause pressure relief time to shorten after shutdown. But it does not affect the normal operation of the machine. It is recommended to drain the oil and use high-quality fuel to avoid increasing the wear of the nozzle. If the alarm still sounds after cleaning, it may be that the oil injector fails to work. so it is recommended to replace it.
  • Z030:Alarm code Z030 indicates that the ejector needs to be replaced.

Komatsu excavator parts online

The injector is one of the precision Komatsu excavator parts in the Komatsu excavators. The fit clearance between the needle valve and the body is only 0.002-0.003mm. If the fuel injector can work properly directly affect the whole diesel engine property. Therefore, in construction, learn to identify and eliminate injector faults, and take positive measures to prevent them. That will make your machinery run more smoothly. If you have any good ideas or questions, PLS leave a message on the discussion board!

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