The excavator is a multi-purpose earthwork construction machinery. We widely use it in water conservancy, airport, and port construction. However, it is inevitable to force the Cat spare parts to malfunction after lone term use. Now we introduce to you the common faults and solutions for Cat excavator parts.

Caterpillar Engine Parts

The engine is the core of the whole Caterpillar replacement parts. Its function is to convert the heat energy released from fuel burning in the cylinder into mechanical energy, and then provide power to the engineering machinery.

The Engine Is Not Working Properly

When the engine is weak or the speed drops, it is generally caused by poor fuel supply.

  • Impurities in fuel block the filter.
  • Ignoring the discharge of water from diesel. The filter paper deteriorated due to water, give rise to its poor filtration.
  • The elding does not meet the requirements of ambient temperature, leading to paraffin condensation, blocking the filter and oil line.
  • Blocked vent in the fuel tank.

To solve these Cat parts problems, firstly, operators need to clean the diesel circuit timely and drain the water from the tank. secondly, It is also an important step to clean the water separator and replace the fuel strainer element. last but not least, you’d better clean the filter screen in the oil inlet bolt of the oil delivery pump.

Cat Engine Parts

The Engine Puffed Black Smoke

Dark smoke is the external manifestation of insufficient combustion of fuel oil in the cylinder. We should check these aftermarket caterpillar parts.

  • Insufficient air intake. The operator should take a look at whether the inlet valve clearance is within a reasonable range. Uneven valve clearance may cause insufficient inlet pressure. Moreover, it is also important to check whether the air filter element is blocked.
  • Poor diesel quality, diesel pump, and nozzle wear will also cause the enginesmokes“. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose high-quality diesel, Replace components after they wear out.
  • Injector wear. Excessive injection of oil leads to underburning. So, the operator needs to conduct an engine brake test to check whether the injector is worn.

Cat Transmission

Commonly, the faults of the Cat transmission parts are high oil temperature, not easy to put on the gear and fully automatic off gear.

Cat Transmission

The oil level in the transmission is too low, poor lubrication is the key cause of Excessive diesel temperature. Too much load or the too-tight bearing can also cause this issue. In view of this spare parts problem, we should inspect the height line of the oil surface.

If the temperature of the bearing part is too high, the bearing clearance should be adjusted. Most of the reasons why it is not easy to catch and fully automatic off the block are that the gear is difficult to move, the gap is too large, the positioning destruction is bad, the spring is too weak. Therefore, it is necessary to check the distance between the lock gear lever, replace the spring.

Caterpillar Generator Parts

Caterpillar generator accessories failures often cause problems such as difficulty in starting, schedule failure and bad charging alarm.

  • Difficult to mechanical starting, which may be caused by the failure of the built-in regulator of the generator. Charging the battery for a long time will cause damage to the battery. Once the electrolyte is missing, it can lead to low power, which eventually makes it difficult to start the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the generator and battery regularly.
  • Cat generator schedule is not working, the operator should take a look if the wiring at the back of the code list is short-circuited, the wiring at the back of the generator is broken.
  • After receiving the alarm of bad charging, the operator should look over whether the tightness of the generator belt is appropriate.they also need to inspect whether the battery electrolyte, voltage and output voltage of the generator are normal.

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