Bulldozer undercarriage parts include the driving wheel, guide wheel, roller, etc. Dozer walking components always bear the weight of the whole machine. They also keep in touch with the ground in service. Therefore, the failure rate of these parts is exceptionally high. Wear, leakage and crack are common walking chassis problems.

Bulldozer Track Chain

Track chains are mechanical transmission and traction devices, a metal chain link. The maintenance of the chain is a very worthwhile job, otherwise, it will cause serious faults.

The tightness of the bulldozer track chain should be appropriate, not too tight or too loose, otherwise, it will damage.

The track link should be clean, far from sunlight and rain-soaked, In addition, keep the chain away from acid-base solvents and other substances.

Before working. the bulldozer undercarriage parts chain should be a lubricant. Only in this way can the chain work more smoothly and wear less.

Do not mix the old chain with the new chain, otherwise, there will be an impact on machinery, leading to chain damage.

dozer undercarriage parts

Dozer Track Pins And Bushings

During normal operation, the crawler pin slowly turns backward in the pinhole, and both wear evenly. The pinhole gradually becomes larger and the pin gradually becomes thinner.

If the operation is improper, such as turning at high speed, starting abruptly, etc., the pin will be blocked. As a result, the left and right sides of the track plate are bent down due to excessive pressure.

With the wear of the track pin and pin sleeve, the track pitch will gradually lengthen. Finally, the poor engagement between the driving wheel and the pin sleeve will lead to a short lifespan.

Therefore, it is ideal that the surface roughness the parts can reach RA = 0.8 μ M. If the surface is too rough, the wear between them will be very severe. The result is and their service life will be short maintenance cost boost.

For bulldozer undercarriage parts manufacturers, in the design of hinge pin, good processing, welding, assembly process are also very important. At the same time, it must be lubricated directly with the shaft sleeve.

Bulldozer Chassis Track Rollers

The function of the roller is to support the component of the excavator. In addition, it rotates on the track guide surface of the track, limits the track and avoids lateral sliding.

the supporting wheel shaft is through the bushing to keep twisting, so in order to keep the supporting wheel lubrication. However, if the seal is out of work, the roller is easy to oil leakage.

The raceway surface in contact with the chain rail joint is a common cause of wear on the supporting wheel. The detailed performance is as follows: the diameter of the outer flange, the diameter of the raceway face decrease, the diameter and width of bilateral inner flange decrease.

Words in The End

There are many factors that can cause the failure of bulldozer parts, including driving speed in working conditions, turning control, reverse operation control, etc. Therefore, the owners need to perform thorough inspections and maintain to effectively extend the life of the machinery to ensure driving safety.

above is the introduction of dozer undercarriage parts common fault. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know, I’d love to get your input on this topic.

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