If you work in construction, you know that the wrong operation will not only affect the service life of the machine but also lead to accidents. In this article, we will introduce which error operations may damage the parts of the Volvo construction equipment excavator.

5 Incorrect Operations Affect The Life of Volvo Equipment Parts

1. High-Temperature Turbine Shutdown

Repeated shutdowns without idling for an extended period of time can eventually lead to damage or failure of the Volvo construction equipment parts. So, it would make more sense for operators to leave the machine idle for 2-3 minutes before stopping.

2. Wheel Loader Changes Gear at High Speed

Be sure to stop the machine completely before switching from backward to forward (vice versa). Instead, high-speed shifts can eventually lead to the transmission of system failure.

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3. Misuse of Excavator Working Mode

Many operators tend to run in the top operating mode because they may think the productivity will be highest in this way. But in truth, with lower operating modes, they can achieve the same level of productivity and reduce fuel consumption by 50%. Assuming 1500 working hours per year, each excavator can save a lot of fuel costs and reduce Volvo heavy equipment parts failure every year when switching to a lower working mode.

4. Abuse of Running Brakes

Some articulated truck operators tend to semi-brake, possibly because they are not adequately trained to use engine brakes and decelerators. Rational use of the running brake can help you avoid Volvo construction equipment parts costs.

5. Excessive Use of Differential Lock Joints

Volvo articulated trucks are equipped with differential locks for 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 drive combinations. Running the excavator in 4×6 mode will significantly save fuel and reduce tire wear. But usually, 6 × 6 modes should be used only when working on extremely difficult terrain.

What Safe Operation Measures Can We Take to Improve Productivity And Prolong The Life of Accessories?

1. Qualification Certificate

To hydraulic excavator this kind of special operation equipment, the operator should first get the excavator operation qualification certificate issued by the supervision department!

2. Protective Equipment

When using the machine, you should wear all kinds of safety equipment as well as work clothes and shoes.

3. Mental State

Never operate the Volvo construction equipment parts while drunk or fatigued.

4. Be Familiar with The Machine

Take time to listen to the Operation specification guidance from the manufacturer or dealer’s professional technicians before the operation. Read and understand the operation and maintenance manual in advance.

5. Know The Safe Escape Route Beforehand: Door or Rear Right Window.

In case of emergency, escape by breaking the window glass with an emergency hammer.

If the device has a safety belt, fasten it when operating the machine.

6. Warning Labels

Confirm and fully understand all warning signs on the Volvo construction equipment parts.

With the coming of the construction season, many Volvo excavators have been working on the site. But in addition to working hard, operators should also pay attention to the correct operation of the machine, to avoid unnecessary parts damage due to operational errors. More ideas on this topic? Don’t hesitate, let me know in the comments! For more related articles, click here.