A bulldozer is a construction machine with a blade in front of a tractor. It is competent to complete the excavation, transportation and unloading work independently. For better maintenance and safer use of the bulldozer spare parts, you need to acquire the necessary knowledge on parts of a bulldozer and their function.

How Are Dozers Classified

According to the walking mode, there are crawler and wheel type bulldozers.

  • Crawler machinery has high traction, low grounding pressure, strong hill-climbing ability. But their running speed is lower relatively.
  • Wheel dozers move fast. In general, Crawler machines have advantages in mobility, operation cycle time, flexibility. But the traction is small.

Bulldozer Undercarriage Parts

Crawler earthmover chassis accessories support the weight of the entire excavator upper.

  • For example, a track roller as one of the Caterpillar bulldozer parts is composed of a wheel body, supporting wheel shaft, bushing, seal ring, end cover, and other related parts. The main function of a lower roller is to transfer the weight of the machine to the ground. Support wheels often bear heavy loads as the machinery moves over uneven terrain. Even sometimes the wheels are deep in muddy water for a long time, so the roller needs to have good sealing performance.
  • Drive wheel, which mainly plays the role of the driving track. The driving wheel fixed on the traveling motor transmits the driving force to the track through the gear structure, and finally pushes the machine forward.
  • The role of track shoes is to ensure that the machine will not collapse when working on the ground. It is a kind of wearing parts of heavy equipment, regular inspection and replacement are necessary.
  • Swamp shoes. When the machine is under the wet and soft ground conditions, the single-rib track plate is easy to sag. so, the swamp plate can help dozers avoid this problem. It has a good self – cleaning ability. Commonly, its technology is casting, and the shape is a triangle.

Parts of a bulldozer

Bulldozer Engine

A bulldozer is a multifunction earthmoving construction machine that can shovel and move soil.

The track dozers drive system adopts a hydraulic mechanical drive. The role of the driveline is to transfer the driving powers of the power unit to the driving wheel. This approach is to guarantee the machine has enough traction and the proper speed.

Reasonable operation route is very important to improve efficiency. Choosing a route, always remember to ensure the shovel, load, and return empty-these three trips are the shortest. The shoveling route should be straight, otherwise, it will increase the shoveling distance and cause soil dispersion.

A bulldozer contain all kinds of accessories. It is necessary for owners to get more knowledge of the function of the major parts. If you enjoyed this article, please share it via the left social medium button to help others find it! Feel free to leave a comment below.